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Installation of geothermal heating sound

Feat pumps use heat energy obtained from the environment to heat houses. Feat pumps decrease the energy consumption of a building for 75% in comparison to other kinds of heating. By geothermal heat energy, feat pumps are able also to cool homes...

Geological investigation

Geotechnical (engineering-geological) investigation is a set of geological and geotechnical research works to develop designs for various constructions before their building. Geotechnical investigation is necessary to design safe and economical...

Installation of water supply system

If the client wishes, the company develops and installs a water supply system from the artesian well to the consumer. The water supply system includes the following elements: ● a pump for water supply from the artesian well; ● automatic contro...

Plugging of artesian wells

If it is impossible to reconstruct an artesian well, it must be plugged in order to avoid contamination of the aquifer.